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Trends and strategies for companies involved in M&A transactions

In a report entitled “M&A Activism: A Special Report”[1] (the Report), the editor-in-chief of Activist Insight describes the types of companies most at risk of being targeted by shareholder demands, providing steps that can be taken to increase the resilience of M&A transactions.

The Report identifies a number of trends and findings, as summarized below:

  • Deal Prevention: M&A demands from shareholders have increased in recent years in both Canada and the United States, most commonly by activists seeking to prevent deals, to pursue appraisal rights, and to make their own takeover bids. Notably, 45% of Canadian shareholder activism
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Outlook in oil and gas: Increasing shareholder activism in 2015

Industry professionals envision an increase in shareholder activism in light of falling prices and growing activist investor successes.

Chad Brownstein, CEO of Rocky Mountain Resources, commented on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” that “[w]hat you’re going to see in the market in 2015 is an immense amount of activists turning their guns toward oil companies.”  Brownstein noted that smaller oil companies in particular will face increasing vulnerability to hedge fund activism with pushes for consolidation, asset sales and management changes at the top of the activist agenda.

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